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Chicago rich in culture, entrenched in tradition, and diverse as the snowflakes that fall in in their cold winter air, are ruled by two families. The D' Provenza crew and the Volkov gang. The D' Provenza's are Italian. Encompassing a few families over many generations. Their roots are strong and they control much of the neighborhoods in Chicago. The Volkov's are Russian. Their recent rise to one of this city's elite families reflects their hard work ethic and cohesiveness. Their boundaries are always growing and they rule with an iron fist.

Sometimes these families are at odds, most other times at peace. Always having mutual respect for the other, living harmoniously is what's best for their bottom line. Their business is family, and family is the business. Each family has their way of making money, which at times can overlap. Any conflicts or disagreements that might arise are handled by the heads of each family, Carmine D' Provenza and Sergei Volkov. Their words are law. Non-compliance can result in severe repercussions.

Dealing with business is one thing, but having to deal with your family and friends in this underground lifestyle is another. Decisions need to be made. Some favor principle over power. Others, choose money over loyalty. In the end, who you think you are, and where you might be headed, is not always the case. Based on true events.